Top 12 Best Marvel Legends Action Figures Toys That You Can Buy at Wholesale Price for die-hard fans of the Avengers

Thanos  Action Figure

With the release of Avengers Endgame , the fourth Avengers film, the Marvel Superheroes Toys again become a super hit toys among the Children and their sales has increased worldwide.

Every Child wants to have Avengers Superhero Action figures in his room whether it is Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, Black Widow, Black Panther, Hawkeye or the Villain Thanos.

This makes a easy choice for the parents to choose a best gift for  his son birthday. Just buy any marvel legends as every Avengers action figures  toy is different than other and Children likes all the Marvel DC superhero collection in his Room to play and to show his friends.

# 1. Magnetic Floating Iron Man MK 3 Toys With LED Light


The Iron Man MK III floating toy has been reproduced with its gold and red coloring carefully painted with a metallic appearance. The Iron Man Action figure float on a special magnetic levitation base which allows you to pose the Mk. III flying without needing to connect it to any stand!

Iron Man Toys Floating MK43

The Iron Man Action figure also features LED light-up effects in the eyes, reactor, legs and base. Due to its floating effect, This Avengers Iron Man Toys has got the number 1 place in our amazing Marvel Superhero List.    Cost: USD 134.99

# 2. Iron Man Mark L SHF Model Toys of Avengers Infinity War

Iron Man Mk 51 Action Figure Toy

This Iron Man Action figures MK 50 of Avengers: Infinity War  featured an interchangeable helmeted head sculpt with metallic red, gold and silver colored armor, LED light-up functions coming from the armor. This Iron Man MK 50 comes with changeable hands and with Changeable Weapons of Iron Man. Child can make various movie poses of Iran Man fighting with Thanos. This makes this Avengers Iron Man Action figures at number 2 position of Our List. Cost: USD 42.00

Iron Man Mark L SHF Model Toys

# 3. Avengers Iron Man Mark 45 interchangeable LED light-up Nano Repulsor Cannon

Avengers Iron Man Mk45 Armor

This Marvel Iron Man action figure includes an iron man movie inspired blast effect accessory that makes a great addition to any Iron Man Action figure collector. Marvel fans can use this pose able iron Man figure, featuring articulated arms and head to make iron man ready for war. Due to this It has got a place on 3rd position in our list of Best Marvel Legends Action Figures Toys. Cost: USD 38.36

#4. Giant 35cm Incredible Hulk Gladiator Ragnarok Toys💪 Action Figure

Giant Incredible Hulk Gladiator Ragnarok

This Giant Incredible Hulk Action Figure come with Armor of Hulk. The movable hands and leg helps to make battle ready hulk pose for fan of hulk toy collector. The removable armor of hulk make it a impressive giant toy and this make it to get the position of number 4 at our list of Best Marvel Legends Action Figures Toys. Cost : 14.99

Giant Hulk Action Figure Ragnarok

# 5. Hot Toy Thanos S.H.Figuarts Infinity War Action Figure

This is a 💪 Beautiful Action figure to collect! Thanos the Mad Titan is a must have for your  Child collection to fight with Marvel Avengers Superhero Toys. Child can create dynamic pose with this highly articulated S.H. Figuarts of Thanos of 16cm. Due to its fierce face and action able poses this Thanos figure get the position at number 5 in our list of best Avengers Action Figures toy. Cost : USD 32.49

Thanos Action Figure Toys Infinity War

# 6. Avengers Infinity War Marvel Superhero Figures

Marvel DC Avengers Infinity War Superhero Team

This action pack Marvel Avengers Infinity War Superhero team 12 cm action figures of Captain America , Thanos , Black Panther , Black Widow , Vision , Scarlet Witch , Hawkeye , Winter Soldier , Falcon, War Machine is awesome in wholesale price to make Marvel Cinematic universe at your home. That why it get the position of number 5 at our list of best Avengers Action Figures toy. Cost : USD 21.29

Marvel Action Figures Legends

# 7. Big Size Incredible Hulk Thanos Action Figures Toys 42cm / 30cm

Giant Hulk Action Figure

The giant size Hulk and Thanos action figures has movable parts. Thanos and Hulk action figure, made of high-quality PVC, is safe and non-toxic. This collectible toys would be a perfect birthday gift for Thanos fans.. Cost : 22.49

Thanos Action Figure

# 8. Amazing Venom Spider Man Marvel Superhero Action Figures Collectible 

Marvel Venom Action Figure

Hungry Venom Action figure 27 cm with realistic intricate long tongue with mouth flaunting a huge set of teeth is non toxic highly detailed statue of Venom and Spider-man is best collection toy for Spider man fan. It has secured a position of number 8 in our list of Marvel Supehero Collection Toys. Cost: 48.79

Marvel Spider Man Action Figure

# 9. Avengers Superhero 3D Iron Man Wall Stickers and Wall Decals

Avengers Wall Stickers

Transform a  simple kids room in seconds to Marvels Superhero Room with Giant peel and stick  3D Avengers Superhero wall stickers

Giant Hulk Wall Sticker and decal

These big size MARVEL Comics  Superheroes wall decals and wall Sticker adorn the child  bedroom or play area with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and The Hulk Superhero at very low cost. Thus it secured a position of number 10 in our Avengers Superhero Toys List. Cost : 3.29

Marvel Captain America Wall Sticker and Decals

#10. Marvel Superheroes Vintage Poster Wall Art Home Décor

Avengers Superohero Vintage poster

Decorate your child room or your living room with vintage posters  of Avengers Superhero. It comes in various design and provide a amazing look to your child room. They are not waterproof but there is no need to frame it. Just paste it on the wall and get ready to enter in the room of Marvel legends. Cost: USD 2.49

#11. Marvel Legends Superhero Metal Ring Key 

The Avengers Superhero Keyring Car Key Chain

The metal key rings are available for almost all of the Avengers Superhero that your child like. Great  Gift for Marvel’s Avengers Fans.  The Size of these key chains vary from 4 cm to 6 cm. Cost: USD 2.29

# 12. Marvel Comics Superheroes Retro Print Wall Décor Poster

Marvel Comics Superhero Wall Poster

These retro print wall posters is a  must for any fan of the Marvel Comic Universe and a perfect birthday gift. The artwork will look great in any room whether in your  living room  or in your childbed room to live with the universe of Marvel DC Comic legends. Cost: USD 3.36

Avengers Endgame Movie Promo Poster
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